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 A Very Warm Welcome to NightCafe

NightCafe is a premier distributor of relaxing yet stimulating late night music with a high "chill out" factor that is not available from the average high street retailer.

NightCafe is staffed by music enthusiasts, keen to build a catalogue from diverse sources, and typically direct from the artists themselves (to whom we offer a good, or better financial deal than through the retail music distribution channel).

The NightCafe therefore, by choice  has mostly a limited genre of musical styles; small ensemble, electronic, nu, jazz (not trad!), [alt].pop, world and acoustic musics etc (in most of these cases original compositions preferred, but not mandatory, as well as early music (both secular and non secular).

We are allowing more styles of music on to the site, so if you find it hard to sell your music, why not try us out.  Click here for more information.

Categories / Styles


    Alt.  Pop

    Ambient/Dance etc



    European Chanter


    Fusion Spirit


    New Age/Spiritual

    Pop / Indie / Rock

    Rap / Hip-Hop

    R&B / Soul

    Singer Songwriter


Tom Yates - Pedalling - CD  (Click here for more info) Javier Ramon Brito - Peace - CD  (Click here for more info) Reuben's Thread - Colour Me Blue - CD  (Click here for more info)

Baby I'm Yours - A Shimmering Collection of Angelic Independent London Indie - CD  (Click here for more info)

Sean Deegan - The Road You Take - CD  (Click here for more info)

Tribe of One - Ripple - CD  (Click here for more info)

Javier Ramon Brito - Trust - CD  (Click here for more info)

Ananda - Ananda III - In The Heart-Sky - CD  (Click here for more info)

Tleary - Mind Liberation Front - CD  (Click here for more info)

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